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Papers On Superstition, Cults & More Ancient Beliefs
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Insights and Magic: Redfield and Castaneda
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(6 pp) Self-help has now moved past the secula r -how to end a bad relationship, how to deal with disease, or personal addictions, to the spiritual. Those who deal with the spiritual of suggest that there is another way to view the world than the one we have traditionally learned. In this discussion we will be looking at one of the "old timers," Carlos Castaneda, and one of the new-age-ers, James Redfield, both of whom suggest alternative ways to move in the world. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BBinsmag.doc

Is Scientology a Religion?
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This 16 page paper discusses scientology to determines whether or not it is a religion. The paper includes different definitions of religion and then examines the beliefs and practices of scientologists so consider how they fit in with the concepts of religion. The paper includes discussion concerning the difficulties of Scientology in Germany and why it is not recognised as a religion by the German authorities. The bibliography cites 19 sources.
Filename: TEscientlgy.rtf

Islam, Santeria, Rastafarianism
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This 4 page paper briefly outlines and explains the three named religions. The five pillars of Islam are explained. The origins of both Santeria and Rastafarianism are discussed as are their primary beliefs. Santeria was created by slaves in Cuba as a way to secretly continue their native religious practices and beliefs. Rastafarianism is a newer religion originally created to promote the unification of blacks with their origins in Africa. Rastafarianism, however, is based on hate principles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: PGissra.rtf

John Frum and the Cargo Cultists
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This five-page paper presents a discussion on the John Frum story and how it mimics Christianity and other religions. The cargo cultists are waiting for him to come back and give them eternal life and wealth much like the Christians are waiting for Jesus. Bibliography lists one source.
Filename: CWFrum.wps

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This 3 page paper describes the Cathedral at Galicia in Northern Spain (Santiago de Compostela), and the miracles associated with the area.Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: MBsantiago.rtf

Mosaic Dietary Laws
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This 18 page paper provides an overview of the Mosaic dietary laws, the laws set forth through the directives of Moses in the Old Testament. The Mosaic dietary laws, the laws imposed by the directives of Moses on the Israelites, extended from earlier restrictions that had been placed on the eating habits of the human race. The Old Testament is full of directives regarding food consumption and God’s law, and even Genesis addresses limitations imposed on certain types of food consumption. Bibliography lists 16 sources
Filename: MHMosDie.rtf

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A 5 page overview of mummification. This paper concentrates on illuminating what we know regarding Egyptian mummification and credits much of that knowledge to classic scholars such as Herodotus. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: PPmummyPrimarySources.rtf

Natural Forces and the Egyptian Belief in the Afterlife
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A 5 page discussion of the importance of the natural environment and its components to ancient Egyptians. Describes elaborate rituals designed to prepare for the afterlife and discusses the importance of forces such as the Nile River and the Sun in shaping the Egyptian concept of the afterlife. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPegyAft.doc

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